Cardiovascular disease doesn't discriminate. Whether you're Black, Caucasian, Asian, Native American, or Hispanic, gay or straight, young or old, rich or poor, a genius or not - you're at risk for cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease doesn't play favorites. It methodically picks its victims and it holds on tight. It is no longer a disease experienced by the old and sick, as it has now turned its attention to young adults and children. It accounts for 56% of sudden deaths affecting athletes between the ages of 17 and 24, 29% in African Americans, 54% high school students, 82% during physical competition/training, and 11% females.

To put things in perspective, imagine the horror and anger we experienced on September 11th when over 2,900 individuals died innocently. Now imagine that horror occurring every day. Would you be angry? Would you demand something be done? This is the cold hard reality in the world of cardiovascular disease, as it claims over 2,200 lives each day. Surely we haven't become immune to the idea that we will one day die of cardiovascular disease or that it's a normal part of life.

For too long, we have become an apathetic "so what" population:

• So What, that the United States has the highest cardiovascular death rate in the world - Over 2,200 per day.
• So What, that nearly a million people died last year in America alone - 800,000.
• So What, that the United States spends the most on health care, yet has the highest death rate - 25% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
• So What, that millions of people worldwide died last year - 16,700,000
• So What, that millions of those cardiovascular deaths were women - 8,600,000.
• So What, that cardiovascular disease affects more people than you think worldwide - 1 in 3.
It's no longer a "so what" scenario, but a so when? Today we stop the "so what" and begin the discussion of so what can we do?

The Save1Heart Ascend The Memory Balloon Campaign pays tribute to over 450,000 individuals who have lost their lives to cardiovascular disease. Never before has a campaign collectively joined so many individuals to one endearing cause. Save1Heart will:

DONATE one free cardiovascular screening per name inked on this one of a kind balloon, a value of $12.5 million dollars in free cardiovascular screenings. REMEMBERING1toSAVE1
REACH over 2.9 million people between April 1 - October 2016 throughout our nationwide tour, visiting over 205 cities in North America.
DRAW ATTENTION to this disease and its non-discriminatory killing practices
PROVIDE over 500,000 urban, inner-city, rural individuals a life-saving cardiovascular screening at no charge - who might not be able to afford such a testing opportunity.
SAVE over 380,000 lives while eliminating the "so what" mentality.

To download our Impact Statement, please click here.