Save1Heart™, founded in 2008 by Isaac Casados, addresses the rising challenges of cardiovascular health. The company is a medical technology and diagnostic firm on the cutting edge of many cardiovascular medical breakthroughs.

Save1Heart uses its proprietary technology and artificial intelligence / uAgani™ Diagnostic software to identify, diagnose, and validate challenged cardiovascular health, allowing attending physicians and medical institutions to return their patient(s) to a state of homeostasis. Their FDA approved CMI™ CASPro device provides an affordable and non-invasive method of identifying cardiovascular insufficiency at a 99.17% accuracy (in relation to a femoral / radial artery catheterization). By capturing and diagnosing the arterial waveform, physicians and patients can confirm known or uncover undetected cardiovascular challenges.

The early success story of Save1Heart is credited to two things: First, is the powerful belief in its mission and goals and its unwavering commitment to providing medical technology and options to medical professionals concerned with their patients' cardiovascular and systematic health. Second, is the immediate recognition by medical professionals of Save1Heart's power to preclude early, undetected clinical traumas with a 99.17% accuracy, backed by comprehensive medical data and research. As a result, professionals are demanding the company's revolutionary medical techology and uAgani™ Diagnostic service so they can diagnose their patients more accurately.

Save1Heart possesses over 890,000+ arterial waveforms in its uAgani™ database - the world's largest.
Each arterial waveform is unique to an individual but anomalies remain consistent across gender and ethnic lines. These differences have been diligently analyzed and are the bases for uAgani's success. Save1Heart studies conducted by physicians and medical / research institutions arterial waveform assessments are sent to Save1Heart, analyzed by uAgani™, and certified by our team of physicians. The ease early detection saves much of the emotional trauma that a patient often experiences with traditional cardiovascular screening methods. This revolutionary procedure provides more control over one's own health.

One key milestone is Isaac Casados' discovery the Cardio Metabolic Index or CMI™, which can pinpoint the exact time and age when a person's metabolic functioning changed due to a catastrophic, emotional, traumatic, or stressful event, known as the CETS™ syndrome. This causes the metabolic syndrome and the cardiovascular system to age. Some call this the triggering point for the atherosclerotic gene and the beginning of the Cardio Metabolic Syndrome. Casados holds the intellectual property and patent pending ownership on the finding and will release 'Remember This By Heart,' a book about the finding and how to reverse its effects on the cardiovascular system.

IRBs with allied medical researchers further support algorithms discovered by Save1Heart for diagnostic purposes using the arterial pulse waveform and the Cardio Metabolic Incident (CMI). These capabilities have enormous preventive power, not only for those already ill, but also for those who appear outwardly healthy.

Save1Heart launches a new medical technology in late 2015, a first for cardiovascular diagnostic monitoring and assessment.

Our Values

Save1Heart's provides a full spectrum of cutting edge technological options, diagnostic analysis, and research to help physicians and practitioners improve the health of their patients, while = offering accessible and affordable health options for the general public. Save1Heart's principle objective is to get patients back to a 'state of normal' health from an overt or yet undetected diseased state and reduce a clinical outcome (myocardial infarction (heart attack), stroke, or other related incidents).

Our Vision

The redefinition of medicine remains at the core of Save1Heart's ongoing efforts. We provide options for the broken medical system and vast consumer and physician apathy. We combine the best from Universal medical traditions, valuing the strengths of Eastern and Western medical modalities to guide our technology and diagnostic services.

Our Mission

Save1Heart is focused on changing attitudes toward medicine by developing the best non-invasive options for cardiovascular screening and analytics, and providing the best options tp treat such issues. Breaking down medical stereotypes has been key to Save1Heart's continued success. The company's principle interest lies in integrative and fundamental research, and providing physicians and patients medical options and answers.

The Company's fundamental mission is to educate the public concerning systemic health.

Save1Heart engages a vast network of the brightest individuals in the medical field — many serving on the Save1Heart Medical Advisory Board, through medical 'think tanks,' ongoing research, social campaigns, and lobbying efforts.

The Save1Heart's provides three critical services:

Measuring Central Aortic Systolic Pressure and pulse wave along the arterial tree using non-invasive techniques
Gathering, analyzing, and databasing arterial waveforms to support uAgni's artificial intelligence database and diagnostic service, while providing rapid diagnostic reporting to the physician and patient.
Identifying anomalies (such as edocrine related challenges, inflammation, cardiovascular trauma, and many others), which cause cardiovascular disease to cement itself in a patient's health profile.

Save1Heart Axioms

• Educate, Inform, and Breakdown Stereotypes
• Collaboration is key
• Our greatest asset is our Consumer
• Good Health is not a fad, It's a lifestyle
• We empower everyone we touch and reach
• We always learn
• Redefine both the known and unknown
• Be open minded and accepting
• Innovation is always rewarded
• Give back without expectation
• Time is too precious to waste